The légume that went viral

A young lady listed on her facebook she lives in Paris, France was cooking. She couldn’t wait to show to his friend on facebook she was making a well-known dish in Haitian cuisine name “Légume” (Vegetable stew). Soon after she published the pictures of her well-done dish, she quickly realized not too many people were too enthusiast to see those pictures.

One thing people need to know, pictures can be very deceiving sometimes. And that’s one of the reasons many chefs around the world encourage folks not to take pictures of their dish, they prefer for it to be done professionally. Some of the camera phones out there can savage the image of a dish.

Many people online quickly say that wasn’t what the Haitians call légume. Some said it looks like she blends the vegetables, it looks like a soup, some share their own pictures of the légume they made in the past. But there’s one comment that got under that young lady skin. It says that légume looks like “KAKA TI BEBE” which means babies doo-doo. Soon all hell break loose. She made multiple videos to respond to folks that were attacking her légume.

The worst thing she did, was making those videos to defend her légume, then verbally attacking those people that spoke negatively about her dish. Now the légume story no longer staying in the boundaries of her friends, or friend of her friends on facebook, now it becomes an Haitian affair.

Many people started sharing those videos and pictures with their own captions. In the second video she dressed all black, black gloves, she put on a black head scarf, she looks exactly like an ISIS fighters, ready to attack someone with a fork full of that légume and rice.

Take a look, of that légume picture, make your own conclusion.


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